Our Services

We provide a wide range of private company
services for Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs.

Incorporation Services

We provide turnkey solutions to constitute your business or non-profit corporation in Quebec and Canada.

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Our incorporation services include:

  • NAME SEARCH: For named corporations, research is done to determine whether or not the name is available.
  • INITIAL DECLARATION: We prepare and file the original declaration required to obtain the Numéro d’entreprise du Québec (NEQ).
  • MINUTEBOOK: A document containing all the completed registers, minutes, bylaws, and shares for each shareholder.
  • LEGAL ORGANIZATION: We draft the initial proceedings required to organize the corporation and ensure compliance.

Maintenance Services

We handle the regular or annual obligations of your corporation prior to their deadlines to avoid statutory fines.

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Our corporate maintenance services include:

  • FILINGS & DECLARATIONS: We prepare and file the annual filings declaration required to maintain the corporation in good standing.
  • ANNUAL RESOLUTIONS: We draft and file the annual board and shareholder resolutions required to maintain the minutebook in compliance.
  • PROVINCIAL REGISTRATIONS: Filing the appropriate forms to register and maintain the corporation in every province where it does business.
  • SHAREHOLDER MEETINGS: Organizing of the annual meeting of the shareholders and drafting the required motions to ratify the action of the board and appoint/waive an auditor.


Whether a corporate transformation or acquisition, we can assist in the process of amending the articles of your corporation.

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Our corporate modification services include:

  • AMENDMENTS: The drafting of articles of amendment to modify the share capital, jurisdiction of the headquarters, and more of the corporation.
  • CONSOLIDATIONS: The organization and cleaning of amendments made over time into one coherent set of consolidated articles.
  • AMALGAMATIONS: The merger of two or more corporations into one or more new entities.
  • TRANSACTIONS: The issuance of new shares as well as distribution of dividends.

Compliance Audits

We conduct audits of corporate records to ensure compliance. Our reports identify gaps and remedial actions required.

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Our corporate compliance services include:

  • MINUTEBOOK: An audit of the company’s minutebook is conducted and gaps reported.
  • PUBLICITY: A validation is done to ensure that the public records match the minutebook.
  • REPORT: A report and proposed action plan will be presented based on the audit findings.
  • CERTIFICATE: A ‘Certificate of Compliance’ will be issued attesting to the good standing of the corporation.

Dissolution Services

There may come a time when the winding down of a corporate entity may become necessary.

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Our dissolution services include:

  • PROCEEDINGS: Drafting of the shareholders’ and directors resolutions approving the dissolution.
  • VALIDATION: Review and confirmation that the corporation meets the requirements of dissolution.
  • DECLARATIONS: The filing of the appropriate dissolution request or declaration.
  • CERTIFICATE : The deliverance of a certificate of dissolution attesting to the winding down of the corporation.